Wisehub Summit 2016
Inspiring a generation of leaders to imagine making a giant impact no one expected. Our children depends on it!
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Imagine making a giant impact no one expected

Our young people participated during the 2015 summit and they will do so yet again this year. They are, after all, the reasons why we do what we do - the ones we desire to impact.

Images from Wisehub 2015

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Speakers Include

Darren D. Beck

Darren D. BeckLeadership Specialist, USA

Jane Tsharane

Jane TsharanePrincipal, SOUTH AFRICA

Odette Swift

Odette SwiftDEAFSA Director, SOUTH AFRICA

Dr Domenico Massa

Dr Domenico MassaPhysiotherapist, ITALY

Dr Jabulani Ncayiyana

Dr Jabulani NcayiyanaWITS LECTURER - South Africa

Quinton Fredericks

Quinton FredericksFilm Documentarian

Rosie Chirongoma

Rosie ChirongomaHuman Relations Specialist

Ingrid Parkin

Ingrid ParkinDeaf Education Specialist - SA

Steve Sherman

Steve ShermanLiving Maths, SA

Lesley Price

Lesley PriceLearning Consultant, UK

Victoria Ahlén

Victoria AhlénDigital Communication, SPAIN

Thabo Khunyeli

Thabo KhunyeliRoyal Haskonindhv, SA

Michael Goodman

Michael GoodmanContent Manager, Via Afrika, SA

Dr Patrick Maesela

Dr Patrick MaeselaMP SA Government, SA

Phadiela Cooper

Phadiela CooperSchool Principal, SA

Yulanda Anne Gombard

Yulanda Anne GombardLife Specialist, SA

Terrence W. Martin

Terrence W. MartinDeputy Principal, SA

John Sjöberg

John SjöbergPedagogue/Entrepreneur, SWEDEN

Lorraine Jenks

Lorraine JenksChange Agent, SA

Ridwan Samodien

Ridwan SamodienSchool Principal, SA

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How to Ride a Wave with a Bike.

Terry Martin, Deputy Principal sets the pace for thinking differently about leadership on the basis of the pursuit for the essential.

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Extending our Sponsors' Impact Beyond the Summit

Digital Media expert, Victoria Ahlén, shows how Wisehub can extend the impact of the Business sector beyond exposure at the national summit.

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Physiotherapist's View on the Health of the Leader

Dr Domenico Massa paints a useful picture for leaders on how to stay committed to healthy patterns in order to perform as clear thinking leaders.